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Online Record Store - Vinyl Records - Schallplatten 

LP-CD Webshop
Music source of Psychedelic-Progressive-Rock-Soul-Funk-Folk-Jazz-Heavy-Soundtracks-Oldies-Pop/Disco-Blues-Garage Beat-New Wave

Shipping costs of our Record Shop - Schallplatte - Lemezbolt - Vinyl dischi

Az LP lemezek mekkája

LP Shipping inside of Europe
up to 500 g (1 LP)- EUR 8,00
up to 1000 g (2-3 LP)- EUR 14,00
4-5 LP - EUR 19,00
6-7 LP - EUR 23,00

Overseas-Worldwide shipping air mail
up to 500 g (1 LP) - EUR 12,00
up to 1000 g (2-3 LP) - EUR 17,00
4-5 LP - EUR 19,00
6-7 LP - EUR 27,00

Registered mail costs EUR 2,20 extra. If the value of your purchase is above EUR
25,00, registered mail is recommended.

Combined shipping with my eBay items that you already purchased are welcome!
If you order, you can write mail to:

The following payment methods are acceptable:

-Cash in registered letter(USD,GBP,EUROS,no coins)
-IBAN deposit in bank account
-Western Union money transfer
-Cash on delivery

For any questions please don't hesitate to contact us: