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Music source of Psychedelic-Progressive-Rock-Soul-Funk-Folk-Jazz-Heavy-Soundtracks-Oldies-Pop/Disco-Blues-Garage Beat-New Wave
Manfred Mann's  Earth Band : criminal tango
Axis : Circus world
Benson George : while the city sleeps
Robeson Paul : Paul Robeson
High Energy : turnin' on
Ono Yoko : season of glass
Collins Phil : No jacket required
Turner Tina : break every rule
White Barry : Just another way to say i love you
Domino Fats : play it aqgain
Haley Bill : Rock around 1954-1958 -2LP-
Piramis : 2
Krokus : metal rendez-vous
Norden Light : Shadows from the wilderness
Ferry Bryan & Roxy Music : Street life 20 greatest hits-2lp
Shaw Tommy : What if
Diamond Neil : Jazz singer
Status Quo : On the level
Saga : images at  twilight
Drupi : same
Jackson Millie : best of