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Music source of Psychedelic-Progressive-Rock-Soul-Funk-Folk-Jazz-Heavy-Soundtracks-Oldies-Pop/Disco-Blues-Garage Beat-New Wave
Che & Ray : boogie-explosion
Bach Bee : face the music
Chapman Roger : hyenas only laugh for...
Omega : Jubileumi koncert 1982  -2LP-
Haley Bill : Rock around 1954-1958 -2LP-
Original Soundtrack : the woman in red
Infiniti Giorni : same /white vinyl/
Eurythmics : Revenge
Modern Talking : ready for romance
Clapton Eric : journeyman
Eurovision Gala : 25 years eurovision song concert 1956-1981
Roberts Paul : city without walls
Zappa Frank : Joe's Garage I.
Cross Christopher : every turn of the world
Richards Keith : Talk is cheap
Benton Brook : makin' love is good for you
Joel Billy : modern women -maxi-
Cerrone : The golden touch IV
Booker T. & M.G.'s : doin our thing
Rebel Soca : When the time comes
Chapman Roger : mail order magic
Blood Sweat & Tears : New city
John Elton : sleeping with the past