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Music source of Psychedelic-Progressive-Rock-Soul-Funk-Folk-Jazz-Heavy-Soundtracks-Oldies-Pop/Disco-Blues-Garage Beat-New Wave
Moody Blues : To our childrens childrens children
Coco : bad old days
Trust : Brother Beyond
John Elton : leather jacket
Red Rider : as far as siam
Strawbs : bursting at the seams
Romantics : in heat
Jackson Mahalia : same
Gibson Don : Don Gibson Collection -2LP-
Blood Sweat & tears : nuclear blues
Infiniti Giorni : same /white vinyl/
Rolling Stones : Tattoo you
Hustler : high sreet
Ink Spots : the sensational las vegas
Staight Ahead : The poll winners
Harrison George : Cloud nine
Sayer Leo : just a boy
Fleetwood Mac : behind the mask
Vannelli Gino : powerful people
Omega : az arc
Shanana : same
Gerdesits Ferenc : Ɛs-metal
Mitchell Joni : don juan's reckless daughter -2lp-
Omega : Jubileumi koncert 1982  -2LP-
Ekseption : 5
Scaggs Boz : slow dancer