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Music source of Psychedelic-Progressive-Rock-Soul-Funk-Folk-Jazz-Heavy-Soundtracks-Oldies-Pop/Disco-Blues-Garage Beat-New Wave
Ronstadt Linda : frenesi
Dreamboy : contact
John Elton : sleeping with the past
SzĂĽcs Judit : ilyen ma egy lany
Belafonte Harry : 24x Harry Belafonte-2lp-
Vangelis : opera sauvage
Booker T. & M.G.'s : doin our thing
Decameron : tomorrows pantomine
Modern Talking : Romantic warriors
Stratavarious : same
Osibisa : ojah awake
V Moto-Rock : Garázskijárat
More Anthony : the only choice
Shadowshow : Shadowshow (Argent,Clempson,Hiseman...)
Vangelis : best of
Domino Fats : play it aqgain
Drupi : canzone dall'italia
Cummings Burton : My own way to rock
Bruford Bill : The Bruford Tapes
Illés : Illés box -5LP-
Madness : Keep moving